Ravi Industries - Machinery & equipments comply with  USFDA, UKMCA & cGMP Norms. & fabricate process equipments under International Code like ASME Section VIII Div. 1.
Technical Specification
  For Blending, Heating % Cooling
  Vertical, Cylindrical, Top & Bottom Dished End Jacketed, Insulation, Agitation,   Leg Support
  From 100 Liters To 10000 Liters
  Contact Parts S.S.316, S.S.316L Jacket, M.S., S.S.304
  220 Grit Inside & 150 Grit Outside
  Internal, Atm, External : 3 Bar @ 150
  Propeller, 6 Bladed Tjurbine, Off Center With Single Baffle Or Nil
  500, 750, 1440
  Stuffing Box Or Mech, Seal With cooling Pot
  SPL. Feature
  Low Power Consumption, No Coupling Inside Or Outside, Top Cover Welded   Or Bolted With
  Spray Ball, Thermowell With Dial Gauge, Safety Valve, Pressure GAUGE On   Steam Inket Connection, Level Indicator